2020-01-14 - Shitty deck repairs

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Problem: My deck is a piece of shit.

This shit right here
omg wtf

It's a DIY cantilevered lumber monstrosity built by some poor soul who knew just enough to build something visually pleasing but structurally hopeless. No permits were involved, and if any contractors were, they were drunk.

The front face of the deck is bolted to the foremost joist at the bottom, but the only other attachment point is this corner, which was casually nailed together using little rhomboid blocks. This has turned out to be kind of a theme with this house, with screws or nails doing a lot of load bearing, as if they were somehow magical and don't bend and shear and rust.

So anyway, the nails rusted, and the front began to fall off. It's still sturdy since the huge lag bolts at the bottom are screwed into the 2x10' double joist, but it's clear where it's headed.

Now, I don't like this deck, and I want to replace it with something much cooler and sturdier, preferably with a lot of stone and mortar involved. But until then, I need the damned thing to hold together.

I sawed down a spare 4x4 fence post that came with the house, and used some spare structural screws to attach it to one of the existing posts.

Spare 4x4 trimmed and sistered onto existing post

Then I used several beefy structural screws I bought to kind of winch the face back to (mostly) plumb. These things are self-drilling and I did all of this with my wimpy little 18 V drill.

Big ol' structural screws
Looking better...for now

On one plank, the wood started giving a little, and I think maybe I should have used some big washers or something, since god only knows how long the old weathered pine is going to last under the strain. But hey, it looks better than it did, and more importantly, it should hold together until I get around to building my dream deck.